Maternity Jeans for Big Thighs

Pregnancy and weight gain can be called the two sides of the same coin. You might have noticed some cute photographs of pregnant women with not an extra pound anywhere on the body but the tummy but that is not the case with so many of us. The truth is that we end up putting a lot of weight. The big thighs may seem a nightmare, and you will have to say goodbye to your old skinny jeans, but it is a reality, and you better deal with it. Not all options are lost for women with big thighs for wearing jeans and looking classy and trendy. You can still do that with some discretion. First, let’s have a look at why women end up having huge thighs.

Weight Accumulation Around Thighs and Hips

Unlike men, women tend to deposit fat around pelvis, buttocks, and thighs.  For the average pregnant women, a fifth or more of the fat goes to the thighs. The good news is that these sex-specific fat cells are not very stubborn during lactation and they increase their fat-releasing activity and decrease their storage capacity.

The Need for Comfortable and Stylish Clothes

With your growing weight, you need to buy some classy maternity clothes. Your old stack might seem too tight and unusable and finding new clothes is essential that not only fits well but are also comfortable for your growing bump, hips, and thighs. It’s a good idea to start shopping early as you will be prepared for the time with a good stack of maternity clothes. If you shop right on time, you might end up paying more than you should. Keep an eye on different deals and sales for maternity clothes is a good idea as you can save a lot of money.

What to Choose Between Comfort and Style?

 Well, you don’t have to choose at all. No compromise is needed here. Being pregnant, the first thing you want in your maternity clothes is comfort. They have to be comfortable with your growing body. Pregnancy is the time of lots of aches and pressures. Go for the clothes that make you comfortable to the most.

Surely you won’t want to compromise over style and why you should?  Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and fashionable. It’s a great time to show your taste and fashion sense. Just be yourself. If you are jeans and T-shirt kind of person, then stay what you are. You don’t need to go for the floral pregnancy gowns at all that hides your body and make you feel less attractive at the end of the day. Even with your big hips and thighs, there are plenty of options in maternity jeans that you can wear and feel more like yourself.

Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans are a good investment if you want to look trendy through this important phase of your life. They look fashionable and functions very well both as casual and formal wear. Pair them with a decent top, and you are ready with a corporate look, have a loose T-shirt on, and you are comfortable and presentable to go out on shopping, lunches or anywhere. Invest in some trendy and stylish blouses, and you are ready for an evening out. You can be creative and use them on almost all occasions.

Things to Consider While Shopping for Maternity Jeans for a Bigger Size


Choose the fabric that is comfortable for you to carry. Obviously while choosing a fabric you need to consider the season as well. But three things the fabric of your maternity cloth has to have are;

  • Breathable fabric is best for your maternity clothes. Especially with big thighs, they tend to rub together, and if you are not wearing a breathable fabric, they may cause thigh chaffing. The breathable fabric would keep your skin airy. Cotton is an excellent example of breathable fabric.
  • Avoid clothes that are too tight. They will be too uncomfortable, can irritate your skin, and will make your movements difficult.
  • The stretchable fabric is your best bet. You can’t expect to be just in sitting and standing position all day. You might have to bend to pick something else, or if you have other kids, you will have to run behind them. Spandex is such a material that is quite useful in maternity clothes. It’s super stretchy and comfortable enough. Even if your clothes are not entirely made of spandex, a bit mix of it with other fabric can make them stretchable and comfortable enough for a mom-to-be.

Layering clothes

Layering is a good idea for pregnant women. Firstly it hides weight, secondly provides the essential support to your back and belly, and last but not the least help you maintain modesty if you are wearing too short tops or lower jeans. Not to mention they are too comfortable and easy to wear on a growing body. Maternity jeans usually come with a belly band or a waistband that are stretchy enough to allow room for to your growing body and also snugs your belly and waist protectively.


It matters a lot especially if you are working women. You will have to dress appropriately for your job, and you will be wearing it all day long. So, it has to be comfortable while giving you a professional look as well. Maternity jeans are lifesavers for such women.

Right size

Know your body type. You might be the one wearing small sizes, but that size in maternity cloth may not work for you. With the extra fat around your hips and thighs, you will have to order something that fits well. So, order the right size. Maybe you will need large or even XL. Too big will look baggy and unattractive, while too small will keep hanging in your cupboard, as you won’t be wearing them at all.

After the baby

You might be using your maternity clothes long after the baby is born. It can take months to get back in your pre-pregnancy clothes. So, you should be prepared for many months after delivery too, and you can make use of the same maternity jeans even after delivery.

Different Types of Jeans

Maternity jeans come with a belly band or waistband to support your growing bump. Bellyband is made of stretchable fabric that is light and covers your bump. They are ideal for wearing especially if you are concerned about flashing your skin through a tight or short blouse. Jeans with a waistband rest right under your bump and give you extra support while your belly grows with time. Some common types of Maternity jeans are:

Skinny Jeans: Skinny are the usual ones that extenuate your curves and snugly fit around your legs. Maternity skinny jeans should be not made of rough fabric. Always opt for a fabric that makes your movements easy and carefree.

Straight Jeans: Straight jeans are slightly loose from ankle than the skinny ones. They too look great and suit all body types.

Boot cut Jeans: Boot cut jeans also look stylish with a little flare at the ankle.

Girlfriend’s Jeans: Girlfriend’s jeans are both stylish and comfortable. Just roll up the hems, and you are ready to explore the world with their relaxed fit.

Best Maternity Jeans.

Choosing the right pair of jeans seems too confusing with so many options in the market. However, don’t worry as we have made the task easier by shortlisting some of the best maternity jeans for your convenience. The one common thing in all of them is that they are super cool to look and comfortable enough for your growing body.

Levi’s Signature combines comfort and style. It is designed with premium quality stretchable denim that won’t bag out with time and keeps its shape all day. These Maternity jeans hug your thighs snugly, accentuating your perfect curves and you can go about carefree with style and grace. It comes with a premium quality tummy knit panel to adapt to your changing size. The panel perfectly supports your back without being too tight. Its stretchable material cut through hips and thighs for a perfect fit and have a skinny leg opening.

This pair of maternity jeans come in different colors. Go with the color that you fancy. The material is easily washable in machine and won’t get loose or fade with time. Just choose the right size and flatter yourself with these maternity jeans and feel free to look at your best.

Another great option if you like to have perfectly snug jeans that shape your body well enough without being irritating or tight on your big booty. You have made with superior quality denim with a bit of spandex to make it stretchy and comfortable enough to be worn in last trimester easily. Understanding the needs of your growing tummy, the jeans come with an over the belly panel to comfort you until the big day and even beyond.

When you want to wear jeans, surely you want them to snugly fit around your thighs, hips, and legs for a trendy look. This pair of jeans fits around your curves, even if you are dealing with water retention or have put on some extra pounds, just goes for the right size and it will look perfect on your body. A perfect solution if you are on a budget and don’t like to spend much on clothing right now. It’s available in three stylish colors you can choose the one that looks more appealing.

Hybrid & Company is an upscale brand for women’s clothing and this pair of jeans is super stretch denim that perfectly fits around your legs and supports your belly and back as well. It features a belly panel to stretch around your growing size and give support from within. With its flattering cuts and boot-cut design, you can rock the world with a killer look even in pregnancy.

The fabric of jeans blends cotton with spandex for making it extra comfortable and stretchy. Rest assured it won’t feel baggy or too stretchy, just enough to give room to your growing baby and stay comfortable. You can keep wearing these jeans throughout your pregnancy as its belly band is super stretchy and the material of jeans will also snugly fit around your thighs, highlighting your curves. 

The jeans feature five pockets for providing room for your essentials. It has such a great variety as far as size and color is concerned. You can go for any color you fancy definitely it is something that will alleviate your mood by making you look yourself.

Another great pair of jeans if you like to stay active and in style. This one too has a skinny look but not too skinny for your grown thighs if you are wearing the right size. Its high-quality material keeps in you in good shape all day long. The fabric is super stretchy and breathable, so you don’t have to be worried about being too tight on the waist. The belly band goes up to cover your belly and is stretchable to be good enough for even last days of pregnancy.

Its perfect fit and design make it ideal to be worn in a corporate environment or any workplace. Just pair it along with a perfect top or blouse, and you are ready to go. Too many colors are available to suit your mood or preferences. It gives your legs a well-fitted look especially around buts and thighs, stretchable enough from ankles for easy movements. It’s your perfect solution for a trendy wardrobe. Stay in tune with your style and move around comfortably.

Motherhood Maternity Jeans are great for both casual wears, when you just want to go about the town shopping or lunch with a friend, or for occasions that are more formal if you complement them with an amazing blouse or top. It remains super comfortable, and you can wear it all day long.

It’s a full-length boot cut jeans with 32 inseams, functioning back pockets, and a secret belly fit that give support to your back while not being too tight on your tummy. You can keep wearing it even after pregnancy when you are slowly coming back to your pre-pregnancy size. Its super stretchy material allows a perfect fit around your growing body without irritating or being too tight on your skin. It is available in two distinct colors and makes sure to choose the right size.

This pair of jeans is a boot cut denim in a dark wash color with a bit faded shade on legs to make it look more stylish. Just pair it with an easy-going top, and it is perfect for carrying while you are on the go. Being a boot cut, it’s not too tight from bottom especially around the ankles to help you bend effortlessly. The stretchy fabric stays comfortable on the skin. The maternity jeans feature a belly band that covers your bump and provide support to your back as well.

Some Tips for Wearing Jeans with Big Thighs

Following tips can help you to choose your maternity jeans.

  • Shop the right size.
  • Go for dark colors as dark wash jeans can visually minimize your body area while lighter color make them look bigger.
  • Choose stretchy material.

Pregnancy is not a disease; you need not be in loose and baggy clothes and feel like unattractive or anything less. It’s the time of celebration, and you better celebrate it with the best clothes that not only make you look stylish but are convenient and comfortable as well.

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