Newborn Activities Week 5 to 8

You have become a veteran in handling your little one by now and deserve all the praise for coming this far. Your newborn will soon be promoted to the status of an infant now. Things have started settling down finally with you and the baby getting involved with the outside world. Your baby is constantly growing. By now, you will see the real personality of your child. He will express his like, dislikes at this stage. Still, he expresses himself through crying that can be triggered for any reason from hunger to boredom, pain to simply missing his loved ones.

Week 5

Your baby is getting more alert and active each day, and you can expect him to continue to grow at this stage. Now you got to see the real personality of your baby, and you can’t help but love him more each day. He knows better ways now to express himself through raising his arms, with more smooth movements of hands and legs and likes to have your attention.


The baby continues to gain 1.5 to 2 pounds per week. He is getting taller, and head circumference is growing about 2 centimeters a month.

Physical activities:

  • Your baby can hold his head up to 45-degrees angle in tummy time now.
  • He can crane his head back to look at you while feeding.
  • He can hold the little toy in his firm grip if placed in his hand.
  • He can gurgles now, producing sounds or trying to mimic your words.
  • He can concentrate on vision and watch your face, or anything colorful like mobile for a longer period.
  • Express excitement when you come near or go and use actions to get what he wants.
  • He can follow your movements in the room or watch his toys etc.

Now that your baby is five weeks old, it’s probably time you start some play time for 5-10 minutes for your baby. You can make use of colorful toys, sing for him or chat, or make faces to see his reactions. Keep him entertained and have some fun yourself with your baby.

Week 6

At this stage, your baby is growing at a rapid pace. He is getting more and more active and likes to hold your attention. You may notice him doing something new each day. He may be holding up his arms for you, making noises, chuckling, getting excited, or fussy over things. He is gaining weight at the same pace, 1.5 to 2lbs per month. His height and head circumference are growing at a steady pace too. He may have his growth spurt periods when the growth is rapidly followed by the slower growth weeks.

Physical and mental growth

  • Your baby is getting better at holding his head up, grips, and concentration.
  • He can now hold his head up in tummy time.
  • Makes more movements with his legs and arms.
  • He may reward you with his first genuine smile.
  • He can respond to sound by turning his head now.
  • He may get bored and cry to express his boredom. Yes, babies at this stage are fussy too if they have no activity or stimulation.
  • Now he gurgles and tries to talk to you in his language.
  • He is getting better to soothe himself and may like to suck his fists when feeling upset.

You will have your six weeks check up too, and your pediatrician will see if your little one is doing well. Between six and eight weeks your baby will probably have his big growth spurt. He will be getting fussy during sleep wanting to eat more.

Baby at this age loves to go out and watch new things around. Take him along on strolls. Try to find new activities for your baby so that he can stay happy and busy exploring toys and he loves nothing more than your attention.

Week 7

Each day your baby is learning new things and getting more alert and active. He is going through a lot of growth and development too.

Physical activities:

  • You baby has better grip now and holds things with more strength.
  • He may not yet grab things himself, but now he starts to bat at objects like toys hanging on the crib, or if you are holding something to have his attention.
  • Your baby is smiling more often and getting more responsive each day.
  • Your little one is watching you all the time now. Test his skills by holding an object of interest in hands and moving from side to side to see if his eyes follow.

You are probably back at work by this time if you are a working mother. Make sure to keep in touch with your baby’s activities by staying in touch with his caregiver.

Week 8

By the end of this week, your baby will be officially two months old, and you can’t be more proud of the way he is gaining control over his muscles and developing his skills. Tummy time is paying off in the form of your baby’s head control and delightful movements of his hands and legs and shoulder muscles. Your baby now smiles, gurgles, calls you in his own cute way and want to stay close to you while his eyes following you everywhere.

The chances are that your baby has outgrown the cute little clothes of newborn and you have probably picked them up.

Weight and height

Your baby has probably gain 2-4 pounds since birth and is grown 1-2 inches in terms of height with gaining about 4 centimeters in head circumference.

Physical and mental development.

  • The posterior fontanelle is the soft spot on your baby’s head, and by 8 weeks it should be closed. In some case, it is closed by the end of 3 months.
  • Your baby is getting strong each day with more controlled movements.
  • He can hold up his head now.
  • Your baby coos, gurgles and is starting to learn how to talk.
  • He recognizes his family members and likes to communicate with them in his own way.

At this stage, your baby is probably having 12-24 ounces of breast milk. He sleeps about 16 hours a day and takes about three naps in a day. Some babies are cat snappers and take more frequent and smaller naps. Though your little one is still not sleeping through the night and needs to be fed two-three times.

Products That Can Help You During This Times.

Here are a few things that can be helpful for your growing baby.

Pacifiers can help to soothe your fussy baby and save you a lot of trouble. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of pacifiers as sucking on pacifiers before bedtime and naptime reduce the SIDs. Philips Avent is a brand that you can trust for your baby. Soothie pacifier is made of hospital grade silicon that is 100% safe for baby and free of any detectable taste or odour. Its nipple is strong and smooth and resists becoming sticky. Its unique shape comfortably fits into the baby’s mouth. The pacifier is easy to sterilize simply put the pacifier into a sterilizer or boil for five minutes. The pacifier is a choice of over 2,000 hospitals in America for soothing babies.

As your baby is growing, bathing is still a tough job as now he is getting more active. This infant comfy Bath sponge is designed to provide safety and security to your baby. The foam cushion can easily be placed in sinks, baby’s bathtub or adult bath tub. Its slip-resistant material keeps your baby secure while bathing. The bath sponge has a contoured shape and cushioned edges for comforting your little one. It has a slightly inclined to support your baby’s neck, head, and back. The sponge quickly absorbs the water allowing fast cleanup.

As your baby grows the walks and strolls outside become fun. No doubt you don’t want to walk carrying a baby and need a stroller not for walks but for easily carrying your baby with you anywhere. 3D Lite Stroller is a durable one that is light weighted and stylish too. It’s aluminum frame makes it light enough for your convenience. Its easily foldable frame can be easily put in the backseat of a car, and you are just ready with your baby to explore the world. Its auto-lock and carry strap makes it easy to carry on airports or subways.

The stroller has an open design and an easy to recline seat that lays back nearly flat, ideal for napping or on the go diaper changing. It has an extra storage basket for carrying your essentials with you. You can place baby’s things or even your handbag there. Its rear pockets can be used for keys or cell phones. A large and adjustable canopy will protect your baby’s sensitive skin from too much sun exposure. No doubt, the stroller is a great investment that brings a lot of convenience into your life.

Another very simple way of carrying your baby with you is a sling or baby wrap. Boba Baby Wrap is a useful wrap that will help you in so many ways. You can carry your baby around easily. The skin to skin touch provides comfort to your baby while you are on the go. It can be discreetly used as a nursing cover for feeding your baby while you are out. The Baby Wrap is made of 95% of breathable cotton that won’t make it too hot for the baby. The 5% spandex makes the wrap stretchy and comfortable for you and the baby. It perfectly contoured around your body for keeping your baby secure. Make sure you tie it nice and snug. Each time you wrap your baby in it you are creating a perfect ergonomic place for your baby putting him in a correct posture.

At this stage, your baby gets more attractive to different toys and colorful objects. You sure want to add some colorful toys to your nursery that will help him develop his skills, focus, and keeps him entertained too. Even boredom makes your baby fussy; they need some activities, some play time that will help them develop their motor skills. He is learning to focus, the grip is getting better each day, and he responds to the voices and react to them.

Keep your baby engaged and entertained with this Freddie the Firefly. The friendly bug has a soft body with many bright color patterns, designs, and textures to stimulate all the senses of your little one.

The little Freddie the Firefly can be a useful addition into your little one’s toys. Mirror play is an excellent game for your baby that helps him focus on objects. The layered wings include a peek-a-boo mirror with multiple designs for an interactive play for your baby.

The Freddie has a squeaker, clinking rings, tethered ladybug antenna that is perfect for chewing. A clip lets you hang the Little bug on your baby’s crib, stroller, diaper bag, or anywhere for keeping your little one engaged. The clacking rings produce jingle sounds for capturing your baby’s attention. It’s a great addition to your nursery and can become your baby’s best friend for the time.

If your baby sleeps in his nursery, then you need a baby monitor to keep an eye on him and be there times when he needs you during the day or night. This Infant Optic’s video baby monitor is a good option to stay close to your baby even when he is sleeping. A baby monitor is easy to use the device, just plug and play system lets you see and hear your baby when your baby is crying. Unlike internet cameras, this monitor has 0 load-time delay-free playback on a dedicated monitor machine without hogging your smartphone.

Its innovative lens technology allows you to customize camera performance by switching different lenses on camera in just seconds. You can choose a suitable focal length or viewing angle according to your environment. The monitor has a 12-hour battery life for audio and 8 hours with the live screen. The monitor features an invisible IR night vision for looking after your baby even with lights closed. No doubt, it’s a good investment that will bring a lot of convenience in busy parents’ life who can do their chores while the baby is sleeping and also stay in touch with their baby’s activities.

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