Newborn Activities Week 9 to 12. (3 months Old.)

As your baby is growing, each day brings some pleasant surprises for you as he is developing his skills and learning new things each day. He is exploring himself and getting more adorable with every chuckle he made or every smile he rewards you. You will be surprised how such a small act like raising his arm for picking something up can fill you with pleasure and pride. Your little one is turning into a smart little fellow that loves nothing better than your attention. So again this month he will be learning new things, improving his old skills, and keep chuckling and cooing for your entertainment. Here is what you can expect from your 3-month-old.


At three months, an average baby girl weighs about 12.9 pounds and boys around 14.1 pounds. But, your baby’s weight depends on his weight at birth and may vary. Even if your baby does not fall under an average baby category, if he is still growing steadily and is a healthy baby, you need not be concerned at all.


At three month, your baby is getting better in feeding too. He now takes 10-15 minutes to finish a feed. Breastfeeding babies are eating every 3-4 hours. Though babies have their own patterns of feeding and may take less or more as per their needs. If your baby is on formula feed, then he should have five ounces about six to eight times a day. If they are wetting enough diapers and gaining weight steadily, then you need not worry about how much he eats.


Your baby is still not sleeping through the nights, but now he sleeps for a long stretch of hours at night. You can see that he is beginning to form a more predictable sleep routine. He can sleep as much as 3-6 six hours. You can try to make his nap times in day shorter, hoping for a longer stretch of sleep at night.

Development and Milestones

Keep in mind that not all babies are equal in hitting their milestones. Even if your baby is a little behind in picking things up or other movements if your doctor is not concerned and if he is getting better you need not panic at all. He will do things when his body is ready for it.

  • Sucking fingers or hand

Between 2-3 months, your baby will be exploring himself along with everything around him. He discovers his hands and likes to suck them for soothing himself. He will be placing his hands into his mouth more consistently, sucking his fingers and fascinated by his discovery.

Roll onto his tummy

With his constant struggles in tummy time, he is getting better control of himself and somewhere during the month he will be in control enough to roll onto his tummy. Just continue to have tummy time and make sure to make it more interesting by offering colorful toys to keep him engaged and encourage his efforts. You can make his tummy time fun by adding some colorful mats and cushions.

  • Holds up his head

As baby’s neck muscles are developing, he can hold up his head at 90-degree angle by the end of this month. He can also turn his head in response to voices.

  • Sits with support

Try placing your baby in sitting position, and you will see that he holds himself up pretty nicely with your support. Don’t try too hard and if he is not ready just give him a few more weeks for holding himself better.

  • Better coordination

Your little one is getting better with his hands and legs movements. By the end of 3 months, your baby will be able to move his hands and legs in full motion. His joints are getting strong too. Just keep encouraging his movements.

  • Increased vision and focus

Your baby can see and recognize objects 8-15 inches away. He is getting better in focusing objects, and you can help him develop it further by playing different games with him like peek-a-boo or moving his favorite toy from side to side. He still does not have any depth perception.

  • Begins to grasp things

Up to this point, you helped him grip things by placing it in his hand, but now your baby can grasp objects like toys or his bottle with both hands.

  • Hears sounds and react

Your baby could hear things, but now his hearing abilities are improving day by day. He should turn his head toward loud noises. Add some clanking toys into his collection for engaging him.

  • Bears his weight in a standing position

By the end of 3 months, your baby can bear his weight in standing position. You can check by placing him into a standing position with the help of your hands and see if his legs bear weight.

Activities at This Stage That Help Your Baby Master New Skills

Sense of Touch:

As your baby is growing his sense of touch is getting better. You can help him discover his skills by offering objects with different textures. Give him objects with different textures for playing, so he experiences touching new and interesting things.


Although your little one is not uttering meaningful words yet, you can help him understand and develop language skills by talking to him. American Association of Pediatrics recommends talking to baby or reading to him for developing better language skills. If you don’t know what to say just keeping talking to him about your routine or what you are doing so he gets better in understanding words and how they are pronounced. Keep talking to him, sing him lullabies, and read him stories for keeping him engaged.

Try different objects for better coordination and focus

Try giving him colorful toys like rattles for helping him get better in his hand’s movements. Seeing colorful toys also help him stay focused. Help him grab different objects, even if he can hold them for a few seconds so that they get a feel of things. Wrist rattles are excellent for developing his vision, hearing and also improve his hand movements.

Product Recommendations at This Stage

Here are the best products that can be helpful for you and the baby. By now you can buy some colorful clanking toys or teethers for your little one that will help him get better in his senses like, vision, hearing, and touch.

Make sure to choose some useful toys that are soft on touch and provide him with different textures and patterns. Babies love clanking sounds of these toys and make them happy. The list also includes carrier and stroller for carrying your baby outside with you. Now that your baby is here, he wants to accompany you everywhere.

 Around three months your baby is developing his senses of touch, hearing, and vision. These Ice Gel Keys are designed to help your baby master his skills. Babies like to explore objects by putting them in mouth be it their hands or any object they get their hands on. These Keys are designed as a teether for babies to chew. It helps their muscles of hands, gums, and for the babies by providing visual stimulation.

The colorful keys have different textures that are ideal for your baby to explore different kinds of the surface through their touch. The teether keys are designed for three-month-old baby and above. The keys soothe, clean, and massage the sensitive gums of your baby not to mention keeping them engaged with their bright colors and interesting texture. The keys are also excellent for developing the grip and motor skills of your baby. Place them in his crib or offer him to hold these keys, they provide a soft and easy grip for your little one.

Tummy time is important for your little one due to many reasons. It not only develops your baby’s muscles of back, neck, hands, and shoulders but prevents a hip dysplasia that constantly laying on your back may cause them. Some babies don’t like to be on their stomach; you can make tummy time more exciting and fun for them. This Water mat can help you to make your baby more interested in his tummy time.

The colorful mat is designed to attract your baby’s attention. It has bright colors, fish tank, sharp contrast, and cute floating toys for your baby’s amusement. It is constructed from heavy-duty PVC that has been thoroughly tested to ensure the safety of your little one. It’s an essential tool for developing your baby’s muscles by keeping him engaged and entertained during tummy time.

Simply fill the outer ring with air and inner mat with water and let your baby have some fun. Storing the mat is easy, just fold the empty mat and keep it in your diaper bag for carrying along with the baby. The mat is excellent for your little one to have some fun time on his stomach.

As your baby is growing, he demands more attention from you and likes to be around while you are in the kitchen or doing your usual household chores. Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bouncer is an excellent option to take your baby with you from room to room while keeping him entertained as well.

It’s a sleek, modern infant seat and rocker that has a low profile frame for the safety of your baby. You can add bat-at-toy overhead to entertain your little one. For nap times just switch on the calming vibration. When your little one grows, remove the toy bar to convert it into a rocker.

The Rocker has too many features that both moms and baby love. It includes a three-point restraint and a fold-out kickstand and two position seat recline for customizing it according to your needs. It has a removable cover that can be easily washed and dry. Its seat pads are also safe for easy cleaning. The rocker is going to bring a lot of convenience for the mother and fun time for your baby.

As your baby is getting older carrying it into usual slings is becoming difficult. This carrier is designed for the mother’s convenience and lets them carry their babies along in a fun, secure, and easy way. By now your baby is too active and likes to see the world around. The advanced baby carrier is a unique and convertible seat that is ideal for carrying your baby from infancy to toddlers. You can use its narrow seat position and padded head support for carrying a very small baby. You can switch to wide positions to continue to provide ergonomic facing-in seat when your child grows.

You can carry your baby in four ways; facing-in narrow seat, facing-in wide seat, facing out, or back carry. Its padded shoulder straps and supportive waist belt evenly distributes the weight of the baby making it easy for you to carry. Its adjustable straps create a comfortable fit for any body type, and dads can make use of this carrier too for having some special time with their little one. The baby carrier features a bib that protects your clothes from sudden spit ups and drools; after all, you can expect anything from your bundle of joy. In addition to functionality, the little bib provides a fun pop of fashion too.

 With a growing baby, you may not like to carry him around in a carrier. In that case, a stroller is a great option for you. Strollers are perfect for carrying on airports, shopping, walks, or any outdoor visit. Baby Trend’s Stroller is a great option for you and the baby. Its large bicycle tires roll effortlessly on any surface.

You can unlock the front wheel for easy maneuvering or lock into place for jogging. The stroller features a parent console with two cup holders and a covered storage compartment for keeping your essentials like diaper bag etc. its extra-wide ergonomic shape handle provides better maneuverability and comfort. The stroller can be easily folded for storage or travel.

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