Pregnancy Pillow for Small Women

While most women know that pregnancy pillows are the best way to get a great night’s sleep when they are pregnant, small women can struggle to find one that will work for their body size and offer them the support they need without being too bulky or large. All of these great options are perfect for a smaller woman who needs support through the hips and spine and wants a pregnancy body pillow that will help her sleep without taking up too much space in the bed.

Boppy Body Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is a great option for any smaller woman who needs to be able to easily adjust her sleeping position during the night. Thanks to the unique contour design of this pillow, it offers plenty of support on the hips, neck, back, and belly. It’s a one-piece pillow, which means that women never have to worry about it shifting position or coming apart during use. The virgin fiber fill is designed to offer plenty of support without being too hot, which is something that a lot of pregnant women complain about. Rather than sweating during sleep, pregnant women who choose this pillow will enjoy the 100% cotton fabric cover and comfortable fill that provides ample support while staying cool. Since both the pillow and cover can be put in the washing machine, it’s easy to keep this pillow clean and looking its best.

Meiz U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

There’s nothing quite as cozy as the soft velvet cover of this preggy pillow, and smaller framed pregnant women are sure to love how easy it is to get comfortable when sleeping. The outer cover has double zippers for easy removal, it is hypoallergenic, and it can be put into the washing machine when dirty. The inner cover is made of a brushed fabric that is much more durable and will help the pillow hold its shape, no matter how often it is used.

Because this pillow works well for women who sleep on their backs, sides, and stomachs, it’s a great option for any pregnant woman. It offers a great contour that allows women to remain comfortable at all times when using the pillow and helps provide all of the necessary support for sleeping. Finally, this pillow has a durable poly fill that won’t flatten out or lose its shape.

Wannafree U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

One of the most difficult things about sleeping when pregnant is trying to relieve the pain and discomfort in the hips and back. This pillow from Wannafree was designed specifically to relieve the pressure on these joints and to allow smaller framed pregnant women to finally get the great sleep that they need. It is made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton, making it a wonderful choice for any woman, regardless of any allergies she may have.
Rather than getting rid of the pillow after giving birth, women can use it for breastfeeding and to continue to support their body while asleep. This means that this pillow can be used for much longer than just a few months and will not only support the belly, but also offer relief to swollen and tired feet and legs. Thanks to the incredible lower body support that this pillow offers, it’s a great option for any petite pregnant woman.

Pillow Capital U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

While some small pregnant women want a pregnancy pillow that is smaller in size, others appreciate something oversized that they can really sink into when sleeping, and this is a great option for those women. It is incredibly fluffy and is extra large, which means that it offers a ton of support and is very comfortable for long nights.
Made from percale cotton and finished with double stitching, this pillow isn’t going to wear out or fall apart anytime soon. Users never have to worry about whether or not they will be able to get and stay asleep, as the pillow features a unique cooling pillow case that helps to prevent heat buildup. Additionally, the pillow case can quickly be removed and washed. Designed for pregnant women to be comfortable while sleeping, this pillow relieves pain and pressure on the lower body and allows women to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Marine Moon C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

The C-shape of this pregnancy pillow allows small women to curl up inside of the pillow and enjoy full-body support all the way around their back and their front. It’s a much better option than trying to use multiple pillows and is significantly easier to put in place and to enjoy. Thanks to the high-density filling of this pillow, it won’t ever collapse and is sure to offer plenty of support and comfort for naps and during the night.
Even though the pillow offers a lot of support it is designed to mold to the body and to be incredibly comfortable. It provides incredible support for the knees and hips, making it easier for women to fall asleep and to stay asleep for longer periods of time. Because it can easily be used to prop up a woman’s legs, it offers plenty of support for tired feet.

Eklo SleepNook Pregnancy Pillow

Small women, sometimes, struggle when using a one-piece pregnancy pillow, as they are often simply too big to be comfortable. This is a great option for a lot of smaller women who are looking for something that they can adjust to their frame. Since it has three pieces, it can easily be moved around in the piece and made to not only fit a woman’s body, but also to offer support to areas that really need it.
The “L” shaped arm of the pillow is perfect for use on the belly or back, the rectangular part offers support for the feet or head, and the “I” piece can fit anywhere around the body. The pillow ships with a center arm connector to hold the pieces together once they are put into position, which helps prevent them from slipping out of place during the night.
Small pregnant women who are looking for a great night’s sleep are sure to find it when they choose one of these six great pregnancy pillows. They are all designed to offer the support and comfort that pregnant women need to feel their best when they wake up.

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