Pregnancy Pillow for Tall Women

It can be really difficult to get comfortable enough to fall asleep when you are pregnant. Rather than tossing and turning all night long in an effort to find a comfortable position, it’s a much better idea to invest in a pregnancy pillow. These pillows are designed to make it possible for pregnant women to easily get into a comfortable position when sleeping, support the back and the spine, and relieve pressure from the hips. 

However, tall women often struggle to find a great pregnancy pillow that will work for their height. These are all great options that will make an elusive night’s sleep even easier to find.

PharMeDoc U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow


The special U-shape of this pregnancy pillow does a great job supporting all the way up the back from the hips and knees to the head and neck. This means that tall women using this pillow will be able to finally feel relief from walking around all day long. The detachable extension of this pillow can easily be used on its own as a body pillow or for additional belly or back support. This means that the pillow can last through pregnancy and still offer more support in the future.

Thanks to the cotton pillow cover on this pillow, it can easily be washed and quickly put back on the pillow for an emergency nap. All of the pillow is free from lead, latex, phthalates, and BPA, which means that future moms don’t have to worry about their safety or the safety of their baby when sleeping on this pillow. At 7” high, this PharMeDoc pillow offers plenty of incredible support and is high enough to provide the comfort that pregnant women crave.

PharMeDoc C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Some taller women think that a C-shaped pregnancy pillow is the best way to stay comfortable, and this is one of the nicest options on the market. It features a full and comfortable supportive interior that is designed to provide enough give that the woman sleeping can easily shift position in the night without problems, but is durable enough to hold its own and offer support. The polyfill material will easily shift with the user, but won’t flatten out and lose its shape, which prevents the pillow from becoming uncomfortable over time.
Not only does this pillow provide plenty of support so that pregnant women can stay asleep, but it also makes it much easier for women to fall asleep. Rather than trying to adjust several pillows around the body and under the head, this large pregnancy pillow provides all of the support necessary for a great night’s sleep without a lot of uncomfortable shifting of position to find the best way to lay on the bed.

Queen Rose U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

The 100% velvet design of this pillow really makes it feel luxurious, which is great for tall pregnant women who are in need of a preggy pillow that will support them and allow them to stay comfortable. It’s a U-shape pillow that follows the natural curve of the pregnant body and is long enough to offer ample support along a woman’s front and her back. Thanks to the double zipper on this pillow, it’s incredibly easy to wash the cover without a lot of hassle. Since this pillow offers full body support to the woman using it, she never has to worry about waking up in the middle of the night and not feeling like she has the full body support that she craves. This means that pregnant women won’t suffer from sore or painful joints and that they can easily support their belly without any problem. The polyester filling was specifically chosen to hold its shape, even when used nightly, and won’t ever shift out of position in the middle of the night.

AngQi 55-inch Pregnancy Pillow

Some pregnant women tend to get really hot during the middle of the night, and this great AngQi pregnancy pillow is a wonderful option for women who want to stay a little cooler. Because the cover is made from a stretch jersey knit, women using this pillow won’t have to worry about overheating and waking up covered in sweat. The unique design of this pillow ensures full support not only along the back, but also for the belly. Since the pillow can be easily formed into a number of different positions, it’s a great option for taller pregnant women who sometimes find it difficult to get into a comfortable position to fall asleep. No matter what position the pillow is in, it remains comfortable and supportive thanks to the 100% polyester hollow fiber fill. Since the belly is elevated when sleeping with this pillow, the mom is finally able to experience some relief and enjoy feeling a little more weightless during the night. The long length is designed to offer full support to even the tallest pregnant woman.

Onory Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

At 60”, this is a great option for taller pregnant women who may otherwise struggle to find a supportive pregnancy pillow that will support not only their belly, but also their back. It has a unique shape that is designed to curve around the body, making it possible for pregnant women to easily stretch out and relieve pain throughout all of their joints.
Because it is packed with a fluffy fiber cotton filling, this pillow is perfect for side sleepers who may otherwise crush and flatten a full body pregnancy pillow. The filling is designed to retain its fluffiness so that the user can easily enjoy a great night’s sleep without feeling like their support has deflated. With both an inner and an outer cover, women never need to worry about how easily they can clean their new pregnancy pillow. Additionally, it features an extension that can easily be detached to use for additional support along the belly or back, as necessary.


Any of these five options are a great choice for a taller woman looking for a durable and comfortable pregnancy pillow. Rather than feeling uncomfortable all night long, when you chose one of these great pregnancy pillows you will be able to really stretch out and get a great night’s sleep.

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