Best Tea For Pregnant Moms

Tea has become an important drink, and many kinds of tea have been taken for centuries in different cultures. It has so many kinds and is taken for many reasons. In every region, some special teas have become an integral part of our daily routines that we cannot stay away. In pregnancy you might wonder if you can take these teas, or are they safe and what special teas you can take that can be helpful for many reasons. In these articles, we will discuss all different teas their benefits and also will recommend some of the best teas that you can take in pregnancy.

Difference between herbal and non-herbal tea

Tea can be divided into two kinds. Herbal tea or non-herbal tea. Let’s look at them in more detail.


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Non-Herbal Tea

A tea that is prepared with actual leaves from a tea plant is non-herbal tea. There are different kinds of non-herbal teas available in the market like black tea, white tea, oolong tea, green tea. All non-herbal teas have caffeine. Even the mildest one has some level of caffeine. Even tea that is sold as decaffeinated teas is not totally free of caffeine. It also has some good antioxidants. The amount of caffeine in tea depends on the type of leaves, fermentation time, brewing time, and also the size of the leaf. 

Is non-herbal tea safe in pregnancy?

Though the antioxidants present in tea can provide some health benefits, non-herbal teas have caffeine. Caffeine can cross the placenta and reaches your baby in the womb. Thus it is not considered safe in pregnancy at all. An average cup of tea contains 40-50 milligram of caffeine. There is a disagreement among experts on how much caffeine intake is considered safe in pregnancy. Therefore it is better to stay on the safe side and avoid the caffeine intake at all. Also, for breastfeeding mothers, caffeine is not good as it can pass to the baby through the mother’s milk and may cause sleep disorders or irritability.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas are not made from the leaves of tea plants. These are made from leaves, stems, seeds, or flowers of other plants and are used for some medicinal properties. There is mixed opinion on the use of herbal teas in pregnancy. These are not regulated by the FDA, but commercially sold teas are selected and prepared with only safe ingredients and are generally consumed in pregnancy for several reasons.

Pregnancy teas

Pregnancy teas are specially packaged to be taken in pregnancy for many benefits. These teas are widely used by pregnant women, but they lack reliable scientific research to back their effectiveness. Let’s take a look at some safe teas and see how they can help.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Herb is rich in iron and is considered safe in pregnancy. It carries many benefits for pregnant women. The herb helps tone the uterus, increases milk production for breastfeeding mothers, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains. Many pregnancy teas contain the red raspberry leaf because of its immense benefits in pregnancy.

Peppermint leaf

Peppermint leaf gives a refreshing feeling. It eases the stomach and wards off nausea as well.

Ginger root

Ginger root is excellent for digestion and also is good for nausea. Many women complain of heartburn and indigestion in pregnancy and ginger root tea can be safely taken to ease these symptoms.

Dandelion Leaf

Dandelion leaf is high in potassium. It has an alkalizing effect and is good for kidneys. The tea has a slightly diuretic effect.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is great for pregnancy. It has a taste like black tea, but unlike black tea, it does not has caffeine. It is great for digestion and colic.

Nettle tea

Nettle tea is considered safe and useful only if taken in moderate amount. It has a high level of magnesium, iron, and calcium. It is a common ingredient in many pregnancy tea blends.


Chamomile is also a common ingredient in the pregnancy tea blends. It is rich in calcium and magnesium. It is helpful in sleeplessness and inflammation.

Tea Blends for Pregnancy

Different blends of tea are available in the market that is specially prepared for pregnant women. These blends include different useful herbs in the right quantity. Some of the common ingredients used are ginger, thyme, nettle, raspberry, chamomile, and many more. 

Benefits of Herbal teas in Pregnancy

Some of the benefits of herbal teas are:

  • Keeps you well hydrated: water intake is very important in pregnancy. You may have difficulty taking in plain water. Herbal tea is an excellent way of staying hydrated in pregnancy.
  • Indigestion and inflammation: Pregnancy may cause some women to feel heartburn and indigestion. You can’t take medicine in pregnancy that makes your situation worse at times. Some herbal tea like ginger root, mint, or peppermint and many others are excellent for digestion and stomach. 
  • Relieve Nausea: Nausea is a common problem in pregnancy. It is common in the first trimester, but some women continue to feel nausea throughout their pregnancy. Herbal tea of lemongrass, lemon, ginger, or peppermint is good for relieving nausea and gives a refreshing feeling.
  • Detox the body: Herbal tea is an excellent way to detox your body. It cleans your liver, and some are excellent for the kidney as well. 
  • To relax and promote sleep;  Some pregnancy tea is specially prepared to ease the tensions. They have a calming effect on the mind and also promote sleep.

Best Herbal Teas for Pregnancy

Here is a list of best herbal teas that are good to be used in pregnancy. Let’s look at them in detail.

Earth Mama’s Wellness tea is a blend of ginger and mint. It helps relieve nausea. Its an organic blend of these herbs that are traditionally used to prevent morning sickness. The tea bags include ingredients like ginger root, chamomile, lemon balm, mint, for relieving nausea and giving you’re a refreshing feeling. All ingredients are perfectly safe to be used in pregnancy.
The blend of tea includes a unique twist of orange peels. It gives a new taste and flavor to your tea. All ingredients are USDA certified and organic. The tea is a great solution for early morning sickness and keeps you well hydrated when the mere taste of plain water may trigger your nausea.

Dandelion root tea is an excellent detox tea. It is great for your liver. It detoxes your liver and gets it to work optimally. It’s a powerful immune booster and has many minerals and vitamins for your benefit 

The tea is completely free of caffeine. The tea can be taken after tea for aiding digestion and soothing your stomach. The 100% organic tea has all natural flavor and free of any artificial or synthetic flavors. It is naturally flavored with cinnamon and Hibiscus and has a delicious taste as well. It can be used to reduce bloating. The tea has all the enzymes of dandelion intact and is perfect to be taken once or twice in a day. The brewing and preparation are quite easy as it comes in the form of bags. Simply add a tea bag in a cup of hot water, and you can flavor it with honey as well.

This one is a unique blend of many herbs and works well to relieve stress and tension in pregnancy. The tea blend has a calming effect, relieve occasional anxiousness, and promote healthy sleep.
The tea blend contains useful herbs like oat straw, calming chamomile, and a hint of red raspberry leaves. It adds flavor with orange peels, which gives it a nice citrusy vibe. The tea can be used as a relaxing drink. The herbs like chamomile are traditionally used to help promote a sense of calmness. You can take it anytime in the day, but it is best to be taken before sleep as it relaxes your body and mind and helps you a good night’s sleep which is essential for healthy baby and mother.

This one is a great option to be used in the last trimester. It is especially prepared to prepare your body and uterus for labor. The wonderful blend of tea is made of 100% organic herbs. It strengthens your uterus and tones it for birth preparation.

The herbal tea use Raspberry leaves as its main ingredient. It is perfectly safe during pregnancy. It can be taken before, during, or after pregnancy without any second thoughts. You can continue taking this tea after birth as it promotes milk production and improves your flow.

Pregnancy teas are excellent for several reasons, but you need to be careful in choice. Always read the label to see the ingredients in any pregnancy tea blend. It is also a good idea to discuss the tea with your health care provider and ask his opinion. Always buy products from reliable brands. FDA does not regulate these teas, so you need to be careful in your choice. Stay healthy and keep making smart choices for your self and the baby.

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