Treating Ear Infection During Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to do everything that they can to stay healthy when they are pregnant, as any small illness or infection can be a sign of a major problem and can quickly spread. The problem with getting sick during pregnancy is that women can’t take the normal treatments that would be offered to someone who isn’t pregnant. This is because medications may harm the baby.

Since pregnant women are often unable to take traditional treatments, they are left trying to find another way to treat their medical problems when they are pregnant. One common infection that a lot of women suffer from when pregnant is an ear infection. While these are very common, it’s important that they are treated immediately in order to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.

Being Careful
It’s easy for people to assume that when a pregnant woman has an ear infection, she can simply go to the doctor and get an antibiotic, but this can be very dangerous. It’s also important that pregnant women are careful when they decide to take over the counter medications. Any medications can have a harmful effect on an unborn child, which is why pregnant women need to really understand their options.

Even over the counter medications need to be carefully considered before use, as it is important that pregnant women do not take anything that may cause them to get sick. For that reason, choosing medication that has been specifically designed to support a pregnant woman’s health without putting her baby at risk is very important. Many pregnant women opt for all-natural or organic treatment options that are free from GMOs, as they are going to be much less likely to cause health problems for the people who use them.

Risk Factors for an Ear Infection
There are a few things that will put an adult at a higher risk for developing an ear infection. For this reason, pregnant women need to be on high alert for the possibility of an ear infection if they smoke, are around secondhand smoke on a regular basis, or suffer from allergies. Both seasonal and regular allergies can be a risk factor for ear infections. Treating an allergic reaction right away will help prevent an infection from occurring anywhere in the body, as well as in the ear.

Additionally, women who have colds or upper respiratory infections will also have an increased risk of developing an ear infection. This is why everyone, pregnant women included, need to treat all infections and colds right away. Prompt treatment can decrease the likelihood of these infections moving to the ear, where they will not only be more painful, but also can be more difficult to treat.

Why Pregnant Women Get More Ear Infections
Any women who tend to get ear infections regularly will likely find that they are more likely to get an ear infection while pregnant. Even women who have never had an ear infection in their life will be more likely to have an ear infection during pregnancy, which means that they need to be aware of risk factors and also how they can easily prevent and treat infections.

It’s possible for pregnant women to develop an ear infection at any trimester during their pregnancy. These infections typically occur after:

  • Excess earwax builds up in the ear.
  • There is increased pressure on the ear while sleeping.
  • Sinus or adenoid infections that are left untreated or do not get immediate treatment and therefore are allowed to spread throughout the body.

Triple Echinacea & Goldenseal

This is a powerful antibiotic alternative that is not only safe for women to use when they are pregnant, but can also be used at any other time. Because it is packed with natural ingredients, women don’t need to worry about the dangers of putting anything synthetic in their bodies. This is ideal, as some synthetic ingredients may harm the baby. Not only is this supplement designed to treat ear infections, but also colds, fever, and respiratory problems, and it will even offer support when people are congested, making it a great option to keep on hand during an entire pregnancy.

This formula is specially created with multiple herbs that are used to support immune function. It contains Echinacea Angustifolia, St. John’s Wort, Yucca Root, Red Clover, and more. It’s free from alcohol, corn, sugar, and wheat, and it is also vegan. This means that most women can easily take this medication without worrying about interactions.

Herb Pharm Mullein Garlic Herbal Oil

One of the most common home treatments for getting rid of an ear infection is garlic oil, but it is important that pregnant women only use the highest quality garlic oil possible. Not only does this product contain garlic bulb extract, which is a great way to treat the pain of an ear infection and is perfectly safe for a pregnant woman to use, but it also has other extracts in it that will reduce pain and help control an ear infection.
All of the extracts are certified organically grown or wildcrafted in sustainable ways. These extracts include St. John’s Wort, Calendula, and Mullelin. As a gluten free, non GMO, and vegan option, this doesn’t contain any additional ingredients that may be harmful to a pregnant woman or to her baby. By simply using this oil in the infected ear, users can quickly clear up the pain of an ear infection and help to ward off more in the future.

Ear Pain MD Relief Drops

Ear infections hurt, and even with treatment from a doctor, the ear can continue to ache for a while, which is why everyone, including pregnant women, need to make sure that they have a way to help alleviate the pain and get it under control. This product is designed to offer the best relief possible without a prescription, making it easy to get and easy to use.

Not only are these ear drops easy to put in an ear, but they numb the pain of aggravated nerves, which helps pregnant women get some much needed rest when they are sick. Because this product is applied directly to the ear, it starts working significantly faster than oral medication, which can make a huge difference in how a pregnant woman feels when she has an ear infection. Made with Lidocaine, these ear drops are designed to work quickly and reduce pain while other treatments get to the bottom of the ear infection and heal it.

Similasan Earache Relief Ear Drops

Women who are adverse to putting any chemicals on or in their body when they are pregnant but still want to reduce the pain that comes with an ear infection will want to consider these ear drops. They are designed to provide short-term relief from the pain that comes from ear infections or clogged ears. Made with homeopathic ingredients, these ear drops don’t mask the symptoms of an ear infection, but rather they stimulate the body to use its natural defenses to help heal the problem.

Loaded with natural ingredients like Mercurius solubilis and Chamomile, these drops do a great job minimizing the pain that comes with an ear infection without causing the woman being treated to become drowsy or experience unpleasant side effects. Users can either put the drops directly into the ear or put the liquid on a q-tip for perfect application.

Marie’s Original Natural Ear Drops

This is an over the counter product that is 100% natural and contains pure and responsibly sourced ingredients. With apple cider vinegar, Echinacea, crab apple, and Goldenseal, this product is designed to treat a whole host of ear problems. It’s free from all additives, dyes, fragrances, parabens, petroleum, GMOs, and phthalates, which makes it a homeopathic and holistic option that’s great for pregnant women to use throughout their pregnancy.
Not only is this product designed to reduce ear pain that people feel when they have an ear infection, but it will also support any healing that may be necessary after an infection. Because it will naturally stimulate the body’s immune system, this product is ideal in fighting off common infections and helping the body heal after medical problems. It’s easy to apply this product to the ear and can be used every three hours for the first few days, which helps to reduce pain right away.

When to Get Professional Help

It’s important that pregnant women know when to get professional help when they have an ear infection. Leaving an infection alone and hoping that it will resolve itself is not a good idea, as even mild ear infections can get significantly worse and make the person much sicker. Rather than hoping that things will get better on their own, it’s a good idea to seek professional help when:

  • The pain doesn’t get better for a few days
  • Fluid is draining from the ear
  • It’s getting hard to hear
  • The pain is accompanied by a fever

Preventing Ear Infections

While ear infections can strike a pregnant woman at any time, there are a few things that women can do to prevent getting an ear infection. Ear infection prevention is just as important as knowing what to do after an ear infection has occurred.

While there are some times when a woman simply can’t do anything to prevent an ear infection from occurring, these are all great ways to help prevent an infection from occurring in the first place:

  • Clean out ear wax on a regular basis
  • Treat any colds or infections right away
  • Clean out the ears after swimming
  • Maintain good ear health

Debrox Earwax Removal Aid Drops

Keeping the ear free from wax is a great way to help reduce the possibility of an ear infection during pregnancy. If a woman has a lot of ear wax then it may benefit her to visit the doctor in order to have the mass removed by a professional. Otherwise, it’s possible to remove it at home with the help of high-quality earwax removal kits or drops.

It’s important to choose a product that is not only natural and easy on the ear but also not irritating, as any irritations can cause more problems in the ear. This product is safe for children who are 12+ and has a microfoaming action that easily cleans the ear. Pregnant women can use it as a part of their regular health routine to keep their ears clear from wax and ensure that they are able to ward off any infections that may occur because of blockage.

ENT Essential All Dry Ear Drying Drops

Water left in the ear after swimming or bathing can also cause an ear infection, which is why swimmer’s ear drops are such a good idea for pregnant women to use. These drops are safe for everyone in the family to use, making them a great option to have on hand for the family who loves to swim or struggles with keeping water out of the ear.

Made from 95% isopropyl alcohol, these drops dry really quickly, providing fast relief from water in the ears and keeping the water from being able to clog the ear and cause an infection. Not only are these drops great to clean out water to prevent an infection, but they are also perfect for preventing hearing problems from occurring. The small tip makes them easy to apply to the ear without having to go to the doctor for professional help.

As you can see, treating an ear infection in a pregnant woman is much more involved than treating an ear infection in anyone else. It’s important for pregnant women to not only understand how to treat their ear infection, but also to do anything that they can to avoid the infection in the first place. This will help decrease the chance of getting sick, which means that women won’t have to take any kind of medication that may put their child at risk.

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