Use of Weighted Blankets during Pregnancy

Weighted blankets are a great help when dealing with depression and anxiety and those are two things that moms-to-be sometimes have to deal with. There is a lot of pressure in dealing with pregnancy and not being sure about what is going to happen next. 

Pregnant women, especially first-timers, tend to overthink about the state of their babies, what will happen after the baby comes and even the state of their body completely changing because of pregnancy. This may cause you to lose sleep which is very important for pregnant women. Thankfully, weighted blankets are also known to combat stress and improve sleep so it is an assurance that you will still get some rest. Now here are the things that you have to know with using weighted blankets while pregnant. 

Getting Some Zs...

Getting enough and decent sleep is sometimes hard for a normal person but what more if you are carrying a baby and going through hormonal changes in your body? It is very important for pregnant women to get at least six hours of sleep per day. There are studies that show that the possibility of a normal birth in pregnant women with a disrupted sleeping pattern is reduced by up to four or five times. That is something that you cannot risk. This means that you have to have your sleep in order to ensure the safety of your child.

Sleeping Difficulties in Pregnancy

While many moms-to-be are told that they will lose sleep once the baby comes, pregnant women also have trouble getting decent sleep. Pregnancy insomnia is very common with about 70% of pregnant women suffering through it. There are several reasons why pregnant women lose sleep and here are the most common of them: 

Sleeping Position

Pregnancy brings about changes in your body. This means that the longer you are into your pregnancy, the harder it is for you to find a comfortable position to sleep in. A lot of pregnant women are also worried about unconsciously rolling over their baby bump and harming their child, so they tend to sleep lighter and be woken up with every move. 

Moving during your sleep or changing positions also become harder as your baby bump gets bigger and your movements become more limited.

Having to Urinate

There are two reasons why a pregnant woman has to urinate more often: 1) You have to take more water since you are drinking for two and 2) as your baby grows, your uterus expands and puts more pressure on your bladder. This means that you have to take a lot of bathroom trips and suffer through more disrupted nights. 


Heartburn or acid indigestion is usually experienced between the second and third trimester of the pregnancy. It gives a burning sensation from the esophagus because of substances that are refluxing from the stomach. Sleeping positions like lying down on your back and sideways (the only two possible positions a pregnant woman can sleep in) trigger heartburn which leads to more sleepless nights.

Leg Cramps and Backache

Expecting moms gain extra weight during the pregnancy and this puts more pressure on the legs and the back. Calcium deficiency and phosphorus overload are the common causes of leg cramps in pregnancy. Decreased circulation in the legs from the pressure can also lead to cramping. Leg cramps often occur at night which make it harder for you to get some sleep. 

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very common in pregnant women. This is caused by worrying about the future, the health of their baby, their own health, changes in physical appearance, delivery pains and many more. The many hormones brought about by pregnancy also contribute to the emotional changes encountered by the moms-to-be. Worrying and stress is not good for the baby, though. This could cause further release of hormones and may affect the baby’s health.  

How to Get the Best Sleep?

You will be losing a lot of sleep during your natal stage but that does not mean that you have to sit through it all. There are many ways that you could combat pregnancy insomnia and here are some of them: 

Find the Position Right for You

Finding the right sleeping position is hard but once you get the hang of it, you are in for a good night’s sleep. Expecting moms are recommended to sleep on their side, particularly on the left side. This makes it more comfortable because the uterus is kept off your large organs. This also improves blood flow to the uterus. 

You could also change positions from time to time to avoid numbing and tension on muscles. Worrying about rolling over your baby bump is also a big no. You will definitely wake up if you were to roll over your baby bump because it will get really uncomfortable and painful. 

Use LOTS of Pillows

Pillows are your best friends when it comes to getting a good night’s rest during your pregnancy. They are made to give you support and maintain body alignment when you are sleeping. You could place pillows in different areas of your body which need extra support or elevation. You can place a soft pillow under your abdomen or in between your legs in order to get a more comfortable sleeping position.

Cut on Fluids before Bedtime

In order to avoid endless bathroom trips, cut your water and fluid intake before bedtime. This will lessen the urge of having to urinate in the middle of the night. In compensation for this, you can drink lots of fluids in the morning or afternoon in order to avoid dehydration. 

Use Weighted Blankets (we will be recommending weighted blankets down below)

Using weighted blankets will help ease your anxiety and stress when you sleep. The ideal weighted blankets are those that have cooling technologies and those that are made with cotton. 

Why Should I Use A Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets do so much for people struggling with anxiety and sleepless nights and pregnant women are included in that. The use of weighted blankets has helped soothe people’s sleeping troubles which range from restless legs to anxiety. Here are a few reasons why you should use weighted blankets in pregnancy: 

  • Helps Ease Anxiety and Stress: The Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) therapy provides calmness, comfort, and security to a pregnant woman which eases anxiety and stress. This triggers the release of serotonin and help you relax. The regular of use of a weighted blanket can help remove your anxiety for a long period of time. 
  • Improves Blood Circulation: Maintaining proper posture while awake and during your sleep is important to maintain a good blood flow. Using a weighted blanket will provide the needed support of your body in order to have good blood circulation. 
  • Relaxes Muscles and Joints: Hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy can bring muscle and joint pain which may be triggered during night time. The heaviness of a weighted blanket feels like a massage to your body which will relax your muscles and joints and ease the pain that you are feeling.
  • Deep Touch Pressure: Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) therapy is brought by the use of weighted blankets. It is the application of pressure to the body in order to increase serotonin production which will help in relaxation. This is perfect for pregnant women who have trouble sleeping due to anxiety and stress. Deep Touch Pressure mimics hugging, cuddling, and firm stroking. It is proven to provide better quality of sleep, increased happiness, and anxiety and stress reduction. 
  • It Is Drug-Free: When you are pregnant, you are more wary of taking medicines and pills. Now, the usual thing to do when having trouble sleeping is to take a sleeping pill and doze off but this is not the case for pregnant women. This is why a weighted blanket is perfect for sleeping troubles in pregnancy. It provides you with a good night’s rest without having to take any medicine at all. 

What Are the Risks?

Surprise! There are no risks in using a weighted blanket in pregnancy. This is because there are no drugs or chemicals that could be inhaled or absorbed by your body, so it is very ideal for pregnant women who have trouble sleeping. Obstetricians often suggest the use of weighted blankets compared to sleeping pills in order to ease pregnancy insomnia in order to ensure the health of the baby. So, get your weighted blanket and take on your pregnancy with the right amount of sleep!

Weighted Blankets Ideal for Pregnant Women

There are many types of weighted blankets out there and while there are no restrictions in choosing one, you still have to find the right one for you. Weighted blankets come in different sizes, colors, and types. If you suffer from hot flashes and think that the extra layer would make you feel stuffier, you can get a cooling weighted blanket and you are good to go. Here are some of the best weighted blankets ideal for pregnant women: 

This weighted blanket comes in different sizes ranging from five pounds to twenty pounds.  It is perfect for pregnant women who sometimes suffer with hot flashes but also have nights when they want the extra warmth because this weighted blanket includes two duvet covers: one is a cozy, warm, fleece material and the other is made of CoolMax Microfiber technology. It also has nano-ceramic bead technology which will stay evenly distributed throughout the entire blanket.

This weighted blanket also comes in four different colors: regular grey, regular navy, cotton extra cool, and regular tan. It is also made with a Duralast fiber stitching which ensures that it will not fall apart or wear out in just a few weeks.

This weighted blanket is made out of 100% breathable cotton. While most weighted blankets fall apart after washing, this does not. It is made with eight corner ribbons that hold it together and prevent clumping and shifting. It also has innovative sewing technology that ensures no leakage of beads unto the covers. It is easy to wash at home due to its 60 inches wide opening so you can easily remove the blanket out and put it back. It also has a cooling technology which is great for moms-to-be who suffer through hot flashes at night.

This weighted blanket is perfect for those who have very sensitive skin. It is a hypoallergenic weighted blanket made with premium Oeko-Tex Certified materials. It is made with 100% organic cotton which makes it soft and feel like hugs. Its advance sewing techniques meticulously integrate a matrix of cotton-fibers and tiny glass beads producing breathable air channels and provide you with a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night.

This weighted blanket comes with a sleep mask, earplugs with case, travel bag, and an eBook to help guide you in getting a good night’s rest. Talk about freebies!

This weighted blanket comes in different sizes ranging from five pounds to thirty pounds. This gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to the weight of your blanket. The cover is duvet style with a concealed zipper, which makes it easier to access, and incorporates corner ties to prevent clumping. It is made with glass beads and they are sewn into pockets with double stitching which makes the beads to be evenly distributed.

The cover is machine washable and tumble dry ready which makes it a breeze to wash at home. 

The use of weighted blankets is essential for pregnant women who needs the extra comfort. Buying a good quality weighted blanket is also a great investment since you and your family can use it even after your pregnancy. While it is known that pregnancy brings many changes to a woman’s body, it is sometimes hard to admit the feelings and emotions that you encounter but let me tell you that there is no reason to be afraid in admitting these. In pregnancy, you need all the support that you can get because this ensures a loving and healthy environment for your child when he or she comes along. A pregnancy without stress and plenty of sleep is very important for your baby and a weighted blanket just might be the thing you need to achieve this. 

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