When Can You Expect Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is one of the early signs of pregnancy. You wake up in the morning with an icky feeling in your stomach, the sight of your once-favourite food makes you puke, you are gaging while brushing, and the normal smells make you queasy. Welcome to the motherhood. Not everything is bad about it as morning sickness as is considered a healthy sign of pregnancy. But only if it was restricted to mornings. All day while work, shopping, cooking, or practically doing anything you can feel the morning sickness. So let’s see why it happened and how to deal with it.

When can you expect Morning Sickness?

Generally, it starts from as early as the 6 weeks of pregnancy and may last to first trimester, that is about 12 weeks. Most women get over this queasy feelings within 12 weeks, but in some cases, women may continue to experience nausea throughout nine months. Good news is that morning sickness is not harmful to you or the baby as long as you keep yourself well hydrated and eat healthily. It makes you feel lousy and at the time become embarrassing too as you may feel like throwing up in a shopping mall or during an important meeting but that’s all the part of pregnancy’s unpredictability.

Forms of Nausea

Mild nausea in pregnancy is a very common problem that can be tolerated or handled. In some women, morning sickness lasts for long hours of the day and are more frequent. This may be called severe nausea. Severe nausea might need treatment because constant throwing up can dehydrate you and you and the baby are at the risk if you can’t eat due to severe nausea.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is the most severe form of nausea and vomiting. 3% of pregnant women may affect by hyperemesis Gravidrum. It can lead to weight loss and other signs of dehydration. Women suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum need treatment to stop vomiting and restore the fluids in their body.

What causes Nausea?

HCG can be the culprit of nausea in the early days of pregnancy. It is the time when the body produces a lot of HCG( Human chorionic gonadotropin). After fertilization egg is attached to the uterine lining and your body get set to release hormone for its survival. Higher HCG levels cause nausea and vomiting in women. Women expecting twins also have a high level of HCG and thus suffer from nausea.  

Estrogen or Progesterone

Hormones like estrogen and progesterone are at their peaks during pregnancy, and it may cause morning sickness too. Therefore nausea in pregnancy can be called the healthy signs of pregnancy. However, the lack of morning sickness does not mean pregnancy is not healthy. Some women don’t feel nausea throughout pregnancy, and it is perfectly normal.

How to manage Nausea?

Nausea may not be treated for a while, but it can be managed very easily.

Empty Stomach

Nausea hit an empty stomach. So be prepared for it always. Keep some snacks handy in your bag, so you are never out of supply and take them from time to time to avoid an empty stomach. It’s a great way to get some energy too.  Choose healthy crackers or Pretzels. You can keep some flavored popsicles or Jell-o to get rid of a queasy feeling.

Get some snacks before you get out of the bed

Mornings are the worst time of nausea. Take your time getting out of the bed. Keep a stash of crackers, or some cookies by the side of your bed so you can put them in mouth as soon as you wake up. Cereals are a great option too. They have a bland taste and rest easy on a nauseating stomach.

Get small meals throughout the day

If you can’t stand the sight of a full regular meal then taking small meals throughout the day is a good option. This way you will keep filling your body with energy without feeling bad.

Chose the food that Goes well on your stomach

Avoid seeing, cooking, or smelling foods that make you feel icky. Acidic foods, too many spices, or strong aromas may not work well for you, and you can put them on hold for a better time. Right now choose the things you crave even if it is one thing over and over again. There must be some food groups that you find easy to eat like some fresh fruits. Citrus fruits are great as a source of vitamins with a tinge of sourness that you may like in nausea. Fresh fruits are always a great option, refreshing, full of energy and no smells to upset your sensitive stomach. Don’t worry about filling your plate with all the nutritional food groups right now as you can have plenty of time for that later. Right now stick to anything that you can get in easily without throwing up.

Don’t drink with meals

Taking water with meals can make you feel fuller and uncomfortable. At the same time, staying well hydrated is also very important. Take fluids half an hour before and after a meal.

Choose bland foods

Bland fruits rest easy on your upset stomach. Sweetness or spices can cause you to feel queasy. Bland foods like cereals, banana, rice, toasts, or applesauce are best to keep you fill without causing you to vomit.

Switch Foods

What you like as comfort food may become nauseating after a while. So, keep switching foods and get what you want.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of fluids is important to stay well hydrated. Some women can’t even stand water. Choose some juices, soups, smoothies, or even a popsicle; whatever makes you feel good. You can eat fruits with high water content like watermelon, melons, or citrus fruits. They are full of vitamins and minerals plus the water content helps you stay hydrated and energized.


Complement your diet with good prenatal supplements. They would compensate for any lack of nutrients. Choose chewable, or gummies with bit tangy coating to make them easy to take. Vitamin B6 helps to combat nausea and make sure your supplements include more B6 to ward off nausea. You can take supplements of vitamin B6 separately. Always consult your health care provider before starting a new supplement.

Try Sea band

These bands are worn on wrists and put pressure on acupressure points in the inner wrist. They are perfectly safe with no side effects.

Take a lot of rest

Take it easy and don’t freak out. You can try some meditation techniques or prenatal yoga to feel better.

Take care of your hygiene

Brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean to prevent any smells. Rinse your mouth properly after eating or having a bout of vomiting to get rid of the bad odor or taste in the mouth that can trigger another bout of nausea.

Avoid kitchen and cooking

If you can don’t cook for a while, the aroma of food and spices while cooking can trigger nausea. Also, avoid places with smells, too closed and congested places, and the crowd may make you feel very queasy.

Get help

If you are unable to manage your nausea and it’s taking up a severe form, it’s probably better to consult your doctor. Ask him to prescribe some medicines that are safe for the baby and also treat your severe nausea. Don’t take any medicine on your own without consulting your doctor.

Food That Can Help You With Nausea


Lemon is your best friend in pregnancy. Just suck it a bit whenever you feel like throwing up. You can have a lemonade, or even add lemon to your other fruits like apples, pears, or other such things. Lemons can be used in many ways like

  • Lemon candy: If you can’t handle the extremely sour taste of raw lemon then a lemon candy can help. Keep some in your handbag for eating at times when you feel icky.
  • Lemonade: It’s a great drink to have, and you can stay hydrated as well.
  • Lemon Essential Oil: Putting on lemon essential oil will keep you fresh. You can pour a drop or two on a handkerchief and smell whenever you feel a bout of nausea.


Peppermint tea is excellent for an upset stomach. Like lemon, it has a calming effect and keeps your fresh. You can also use peppermint oil for staying light.


Ginger is long used to treat an upset stomach. Ginger tea can help you feel better during morning sickness, or you can add a slice of ginger to your food or water to get its benefits.

Products To Help You Control Your Morning Sickness.

The tea contains some useful ingredients like ginger or Ceylon black tea to help you fight your morning sickness. The drink can help you stay hydrated as well. It settles your upset stomach, eases your nausea, and enable you to eat and live healthily.

Its potent leaves and powerhouse herbs are excellent for things other than morning sicknesses like cramps, diarrhea, motion sickness, or constipation. The tea is perfect to be taken in pregnancy but can be used even when you are not pregnant. You can take this tea before, during, and after pregnancy. So start your day with a cup of this Pink stork Morning tea and stay fresh all day.

It’s a digitally therapeutic device that will help you control your nausea. Reliefband is a patented and FDA clear technology to treat morning sickness.

The wristband delivers proprietary pulses from the contacts that signal the median nerve at the P6 location on the underside of the wrist. These signals travel through your nervous system to your brain where nausea is controlled.

The signals have a rebalancing effect that normalizes nerve messages from brain to stomach and reduces morning sickness. Though relief band is splash resistant but don’t immerse it in water, it’s a great way to get rid of morning sickness while staying on the safe side.

These drops can be taken the instant you feel queasy. They work immediately and alleviates morning sickness. Made with pure ginger drops, these drops have a calming effect on your upset stomach. The drops combine anti-nausea remedies like ginger, lemon, and vitamin B6.

The drops are full of flavor and make you feel better within a minute. It is comprised of all natural ingredient and comes in a small package that fits into your purse easily. Just carry it along and move comfortably as nausea can be controlled with these drops in no time.

This drink combines vitamin B6, lemon, ginger, and magnesium to help your morning sickness. Unlike pills, it is easy to take and stays gentle on your stomach. The refreshing drink cannot only alleviate nausea but also helps you stay hydrated in pregnancy when you may not even like the taste of plain water.

The drink includes folic acid that is excellent for pregnant women. It comes in convenient packs that you can carry along while on the go. Dissolve the beverage in water and get instant relief from queasiness.

Morning sickness is an unavoidable condition in pregnancy, but it can be managed well with some candies, drinks, and supplements. Just stay on the safe side and don’t use over the counter supplements without consulting your doctor. Morning sickness will go away in time, and you need not panic. Having little snacks from time to time also keeps your tummy full. Make smart choices and choose only healthy drinks, crackers and cereals to meet your nutritional needs. Stay active and include some prenatal yoga for a relaxed mind and body. Don’t forget to enjoy this important phase of your life.

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