When Should I Start Buying Maternity Clothes?

If it’s your first pregnancy, you might wonder when is the right time to start shopping for maternity clothes. Maybe you are too anxious for that(quite understandably) as those photo shoots you saw online, with women in trendy clothes flaunting their bumps, seem too tempting. But if you are a second or third-time mama, you know from experience that you will need them soon at the end of your first, or the start of your second trimester. Although you can’t predict how much you are going to grow and what size you are going to fit in the end, still you can have a general idea and buy your usual size in maternity clothes.

The chances are that you will need those maternity clothes a bit late first time than the second or third-time pregnancy. Again, how soon you are going to need those clothes depends on the condition of your present style. If you wear low-rise pants, you can keep them on a little longer than those who like to wears a higher one. Same if you like to wear very fit tops and shirts with little room for the growing belly, you will need maternity clothes soon enough. So when can you start shopping, the answer is as early as you like. There are no fix rules, but it’s better to start early due to many reasons.

Advantages of Shopping Early

  • First, you will feel less panic if you are prepared for what is coming. The fact is that you will not fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes soon, and the best way to deal with this situation is to get ready with everything you need for later days.
  • Shopping early will save you time, and you will look forward to using those clothes and look your best in them.
  • You can dress more elegantly. You are taking your time pairing t-shirts with your favorite jeans, or arranging how a blouse can be used for multiple occasions if chosen smartly.
  • You will not have to buy clothes from expensive shops. You can keep an eye on sale openings, or interesting deals online to pick a right piece that can later be used on multiple occasions. It will save a lot of money and energy too.

Disadvantages of Shopping Early

The only disadvantage of shopping early can be a wrong fit. You may not put on as much weight as you are expecting and outgrow your expectations. In that case, you might need to shop something bigger once again. The only way to avoid such a mishap is to not to go for clothes that are too tight or fit.

Why Shopping Exciting Clothes are Important

You need something to wear in these months and even later but there are other reasons too.

  • Pregnancy is an important phase of your life, and you want to make it memorable.
  • Clothes are not just apparels; they are a part of your personality. They reflect so many things about you; your mood, personality, and style. So it’s better to look your best.
  • Staying in style is important for your own self. You need to know you are still in control of your life and can wear and carry anything you like. You are not forced to choose something just because you have to.
  • Wearing your best clothes will boost your confidence. You are more confident about how you look.
  • All of us want to look good, not for your own sake but also for the sake of your significant other. Look your best and celebrate each day of your pregnancy as it should be.

Things to Consider in Your Maternity Clothes

While choosing your maternity clothes consider these points.

Make sure they are comfortable

You are going to put on a lot of weight, and your body will be going through a lot, the last thing you want to add on your plate is an uncomfortable dress. Make sure whatever you choose to wear is comfortable and allows easy movements.

Choose the right fabric

Choosing the right fabric is important. Make sure it’s not too rough on your skin. You are going to blossom in these nine months, and it’s better be stretchy and comfortable. Also, go for the breathable fabric. You will be sweating a lot in coming months, and a breathable fabric stays cool on the skin allowing air to pass.

Even if your dress is fit and enhancing your curves, it should be stretchy so that you can easily bend and are free to move. Especially in thighs, knees and belly area. Too tight and a non-stretchy fabric won’t let you bend or can tear easily. Not to mention it’s going to be uncomfortable a lot. So the key is to choose a breathable fabric that allows you to grow and makes you comfortable. Some of your best bet can be:


  • Cotton: Though cotton is not too stretchy, but it’s a breathable fabric and offers a lot of comforts. It is smooth and soft on the skin and excellent for undergarments and blouses(especially in summer).
  • Lycra and spandex: Fabrics that offer comfort and are stretchy usually have a mix of Lycra and spandex. They are soft on the body and allow room for growth while staying fit.
  • Jersey fabric:  Soft jersey fabric is also a good option. It drapes your body comfortably.

Also what to avoid, synthetic fabrics as nylon and polyester will be too uncomfortable unless they mix some spandex for stretch.

Choose the right size

Not all of us put on weight during pregnancy as a fixed formula. Due to hormonal imbalance, certain body times, diet issues, and so many other problems you might end up putting a lot of weight. But that’s ok; you will get rid of these extra pounds after the baby for sure, no need to worry about that now. Choose clothes according to your size. Generally, you will wear the same size in maternity clothes, but that may not be the case with you. Make sure you order the right size that looks great on you.

Functional clothes for Working Women

If you are a working woman, you will have to be careful in the choice of your clothes. Sure you want to look both professional and stylish while staying comfortable as well. Go for some corporate style shirts with buttons, some trendy pants, a loose blouse, and tunics will do the job.

Choose the right colors

You can probably wear anything as long as you know how to carry it. Still, dark colors give a slimming effect. Choose vibrant colors and celebrate your days. Some soft colors frocks, blouses, and tops are too soothing to wear in long summer days. But overall, solid colored tops and dresses are best outfits to be worn in these days.

Stay with your style

Goes without saying, stay in your style. Choose fabrics, prints, colors that reflect your style. Some tips for staying stylish and comfortable are:

  • Choose clothes that snug your body enhancing your curves with stretchy fabrics.
  • Choose some skinny pants or leggings. You may have a huge tummy, but you can look sexy and stylish by choosing some tight jeans, pants, or leggings that have a stretchable material to stay comfortable as well.
  • Flaunt your tummy: it’s a great time to show off your baby bump. Choose clothes that highlight your bump and feel proud.
  • Complement your clothes with some workable, comfortable, and fun accessories; some trendy scarfs, hats, blazers, jackets, or jewelry can be wisely utilized for staying in style and looking at your best.


Keep a stash of loose, breathable and comfortable undergarments as well. Your regular size bras and panties might be useless for a long time now. Cotton undergarments are best as they are breathable and comfortable on skin too. While choosing bras, make sure they can also be used after delivery for nursing baby.

Think about Everything

You can’t stay at home all these months. Think about all the occasions you need clothes for You will be moving out probably attending parties, dinners, beach parties, day out with friends, or simply for collecting grocery or picking your kids from school. You will need clothes for all these times, and you better think of everything while buying your maternity clothes. Make sure you got something for wearing on more casual occasions, formal wears for your workplace, or just nice loose clothes for shopping or staying at home. And even after pregnancy, keep in mind you will be using these clothes long after delivery too unless you get back in shape and lose all extra pounds.

Recommended Options

To make your task easier, we have chosen some suitable options for you. We have tried to choose something for all occasions. Let’s take a look;

Let’s start by choosing some decent and workable bras. It’s a 3 pieces bra pack that you are going to need a lot in pregnancy and even after that. These are perfect maternity bras that you can later use for nursing too. The pack comes with 3 extra matching bra extenders to ensure your maximum comfort.

The bra is designed with convenience and comfort in mind. It allows one-hand access that are excellent for nursing mothers too. With adjustable shoulder straps, you can customize it according to your needs and stay at ease. Its seamless side widening makes it extra support for your pregnant body. The bra can be easily sized according to your needs. It has removable foam cups to ensure your comfort. The fabric is 100% breathable and soft on the body. It’s a great choice in pregnancy and will outlast to your nursing period too.

T-shirts are comfortable enough to be worn on your daily routine when you are out and about; having lunches, shopping, picking up your kids, or just for a simple visit to the doctor. This one Rayon and spandex mix shirt that is stretchy enough to give room for growth and stay snugly fit too. It’s an excellent choice to flaunt your baby bump and gives you a stylish and sexy look as well.
The pleats on both sides of the shirt provide you with enough room for pregnancy and also to be worn after childbirth. The shirt is available in many different colors to suit your mood and choice. Just go for the right size and feel free to look stylish and decent.

Blouses are another essential item for your maternity wardrobe. This one is a stylish and comfortable blouse that you can confidently pair with any skinny jeans or trousers, shorts, or leggings. It is a thin and lightweight material that stays very soft on your skin and looks very trendy. The manufacturers offer too many choices; you can order full sleeves or one with half sleeves. The color choices are just awesome; you got many soft or dark color options to pick from.

The fabric is super soft and breathable. You can wear with buttons or without buttoning choosing your style. The blouse with buttons is going to be useful after delivery for nursing baby. Its design is loose enough to be used as a cardigan too. It’s a great choice for those days when you want to stay carefree and just be yourself.

If you are a working woman, this pant can be your first choice. It’s a great option in dress pants for corporate environments. It’s a solid woven dress pant that is designed for your comfort and a stylish look. Pair it with some buttoned shirts with coats and look your best at your workplace. It features a tonal solid knit waistband with adjustable tab to drape your growing tummy and give a fit and nice look.  The fabric of pants allows easy bending or movements. Its straight cut is also comfortable for wearing all day. The welt pockets add to its functionality and make it look cooler too. It’s an easily washable fabric that retains its grace even after pregnancy, and you can easily wear it after delivery too.

No wardrobe is complete without stylish casual gowns and dresses for an evening out. This maxi dress is a perfect solution for your evenings and baby showers. The dress wraps the body with a perfect fit, flaunting your assets, and with plenty of room for your grown belly. This maxi dress is ideal for your maternity photo shoot as well. The dress comes with ¾ sleeves and comes in different designs. You can choose a plain dress that looks elegant and stunning or goes for floral design for a fresh and colorful look. The dress comes in a lot of colors; you can choose your favorite one. An excellent choice for staying stylish and comfortable.

This one is another great option in casual dress. It’s a maxi frock that snugly fit on your body with short sleeves and gives a stylish look. The dress features two side pockets for accommodating your little things and give this dress a unique style. With a round neck and floor length design, you can use this fashionable dress on many occasions including parties, weddings, baby showers, or other such occasions. With an elastic waistband, you can flaunt your bump and look perfect. The waistband gives a fitted look and can be adjusted for your growing belly.

Some tips for Maternity clothes

Here are some tips for some smart decisions:

  • Do a lot of mix and matches. Buy some basics like tops, blouses, leggings, jeans, and frocks in neutral colors and match them into stylish pairs to look stylish and chic.
  • You don’t have to go out of budget to buy all these things. Stay in budget and spend wisely. You can grab some deals online or go to sales to collect your required stuff. Also, keep an eye on your favorite brands for clearance sales and other discounts.
  • Get waistbands and belly bands for giving a more refined look to your common dresses.
  • Show off your assets if you want to. You may have some extra fat around thighs or belly, but you can dress appropriately to highlight other areas like shoulders, neckline, or legs.
  • You can adapt your existing clothes and make them workable too by removing some buttons, replacing elastic with drawstrings, or adding some different colored cloth in shirts to give them a new look. Some DIY sites have plenty of great ideas for adding little changes to your normal clothes to be worn in pregnancy.

So shop early and be prepared for the time. You can always buy if you need something later, but you should have your closet ready by the end of your first trimester for saving time, money, and efforts in months to come. Stay in style and enjoy this important phase of your life. Don’t forget to shoot some cool

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